Income and Expenditure: Simple financial management

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Income and Expenditure: Simple financial managementIncome and Expenditure: Simple financial managementIncome and Expenditure: Simple financial managementIncome and Expenditure: Simple financial managementIncome and Expenditure: Simple financial management

Income and Expenditure is one of the most attractive mobile revenue and expense management apps. It simply does it best for you. No need for accounting software, all your accounts are always with you.

Cost Management: More than 40 cost categories are provided. For each expense, you can define a category, amount, attachment, color tag, account side, and related bank account.

Revenue Management: It can record your various revenue models in the program and for each Description ✓ Insert Related

Receivables and Debt Management: You can record your account receivables طرف

Budgeting: If there is a specific budget for each category Do you plan to adjust it to know how much of your budget is left when a new expense arrives?

Accounts: You may want to consider some of your revenue or expense transactions Connect to a specific account to find out later how much you have paid or received to a certain party

Bank accounts: You can register bank-related transactions by introducing bank accounts ✓

Account transfer: You can transfer the amount you want between your bank accounts and your wallets in the من My Accounts section.

Charts and Widgets: For You have accessible charts and widgets for useful information Offer at first glance

Google Drive Backup: By backing up your Google Account, you can safely recover your data at any time without worrying about deleting it on any other device.

Advanced Reports: We have a large number of reports for you: Smart Report / Advanced Search / ماهMonthly Report / Annual Report / Report by Category / and Performance Summary

Ability to share: You can easily share and output all reports as PDF, text or image

Fast data entry: This program is designed to be the fastest Enter dates and numbers according to your taste. Wherever numbers need to be entered, an efficient calculator is designed to easily perform mathematical operations.

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