Stock market bargaining chip K-line

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Stock market bargaining chip K-lineStock market bargaining chip K-lineStock market bargaining chip K-lineStock market bargaining chip K-lineStock market bargaining chip K-line

[App Overview]

How to buy stocks to make money? Use chip K to help you find stocks! We have the most complete information on Taiwan stocks, rich learning resources, and a large number of netizens to share their stock investment experience. You can also become a stock master if you use the K chip every day!

Provide the stock prices of listed companies (TSMC, Hon Hai), index market (market, Taiwan index futures), international finance (US stocks, exchange rate trends), large retail trading trends, Taiwan stock real-time news, discussion forums and Expert exchange experience!

The latest features: synchronization of stock details, ethnic group ups and downs distribution, K-line average deduction, K-line chart zoom, search browsing history, ex-dividend information, price scale.

[Analysis of Chips Face]

As a retail investor, do you often have such troubles: The stocks in your hand are always bought at the highest point or sold at the lowest point? Use With the K-line watch app, you can clearly know the holdings of different types of big players, observe their trading trends, keep up with the rising trend of stock prices that fuel the flames, avoid the loss of falling when the stock is dumped, and bring investment benefits!

【Large households and small knowledge】

The factor that affects stock prices lies in the buying and selling behavior of the market, and there are a group of people in the market with strong funds in their hands that can affect the stock price. If TSMC rises, it will rise. Hon Hai will fall as soon as it falls. Following their footsteps is also beneficial to investment. They are the so-called "big households" who are particularly influential in the stock market. The analysis of the bargaining chip is to study the trends of the big players.

There are three types of large households: 1. Three major legal entities-foreign investment, investment credit, self-employed business 2. Thousands of large households-hold a lot of shares of the company 3. Key insiders-directors, supervisors, managers, large shareholder. They all have different trading modes, some of them like weight stocks (TSMC, Hon Hai, CITIC Gold), and some of their operating cycles like to rush every other day. They can be seen at a glance in the K-line app of stock market chips!

[Watch the market function]

5 killer functions to solve your investment problems, let you follow the main force to make money in the stock market:

Q1: I don’t know which one to buy Soaring stocks?

[Bargaining stock picking] Every day, we can easily help you pick out the stocks that the main force is taking care of in the stock market.

You can find a full list of fast-growing stocks with just one button.

Q2: Are the big stocks buying stealthily?

[Bargaining Chip Daily] Open the APP, it's clear at a glance!

After the market, you can directly show the main buying and selling situation of today's self-selected stocks.

Help you quickly determine the current trading direction of individual stocks.

Q3: How to determine the entry and exit points of stocks in the market?

[Chip Trends] The stock market’s first market-watching function for large retail investors in the market,

let you quickly Master the stock market entry and exit points.

Q4: Do you want to renew or clear the purchased stocks?

[Chip Health Check] Provides multiple sets of sub-picture indicators, allowing you to quickly check the key elements that affect the stock price


The main force is to make money or to lose money. You can see through it at a glance.

Even if the market is washing up and down, your stocks can still hold tight.

Q5: What are the stock market masters buying recently?

[Chit-chip masters] keep track of the stock market is out of date. Tracking masters will not be fooled.

Tracking stock market masters ,Automatically notify experts of the latest opinions

Stock market discussion area to help you master the best trading targets!

You can manage money easily with your mobile phone, and take the mobile watch software with you to make your investment win At the starting point.

[Download now] Bargaining K-Line will help you promote professional stock market investors

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