Moneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping service

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Moneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping serviceMoneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping serviceMoneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping serviceMoneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping serviceMoneybook-the most innovative bookkeeping service

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⛰️2019/2 Entered the FintechSpace in the Fintech Park

⛰️2019/10 Completed the first phase OPEN API of the 21 banks

⛰️2020/1 passed the ISO/IEC 27001 international security standard verification

⛰️2020/6 passed the APP information security test of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

⛰️ One-stage due diligence of OPEN API cooperative banks

■■■ Can manage accounts without keeping accounts. Linen service■■■

?‍♀️Financial forecasts, asset trends :

Through the current financial situation, predict the wealth accumulation index in the next 5 years, so that your wealth optimization will be more traceable!

☁️One-click collection and automatic accounting:

Bank account current deposits, fixed deposits, loans, credit cards, leisure cards, all-in-one cards, icash, electronic invoices and other income and expenditure details can be one-clicked Synchronous collection, now supports account synchronization of [32 banks], [17 securities], [3 major e-tickets] and [cloud invoices]!

Bill management, payment reminder:

Support payment of credit card fees, telecommunications fees, Taipei City water bills, e-Tag stored value, automobile fuel tax, and consolidation Pending bills and payment records, remind the payment on time, no longer miss the deadline!

⏰Account changes, immediate notification:

Notify immediately of large amounts of changes in the account, insufficient deduction account balance, overdue payment, late payment fees for annual fees and other reminders, Don't miss the remittance and remittance of abnormal amounts, the ins and outs are all in the palm of the hand.

Personal financial report, at a glance:

Automatically update and aggregate financial report data, check personal financial status at any time, focus on overspending categories, control cash flow, and manage money smartly.

Open banking, policy services:

Connecting 21 financial institutions financial product information Open API, the rate is more than 20, afraid of losing money? Go to the linen to set the price reminder and grasp the best exchange rate instantly!

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