Apocalypse Heroes

By Old Oak Den

Apocalypse HeroesApocalypse HeroesApocalypse HeroesApocalypse HeroesApocalypse Heroes

Hero, warrior, the world wants you!

Earth is threatened by a terrifying paranormal terror. The lengthy lifeless are coming again to life, machines are turning in opposition to humans, and mysterious mutations are consuming all residing things. Join our secret group and battle evil. Help us avert panic and the ensuing apocalypse! Time is running out. Join us!

Colonel Trauman, signed in his personal hand

Paranormal Terror Special Forces (P.T.S.F.)

The P.T.S.F. Field Manual:


In a easy however very effective way, you control two heroes who cover for one another and assist one another with their weapons, expertise and expertise. Each hero can be upgraded and geared up with buffs in each mission to multiply their power and talents.


You can tactically deploy your heroes like in Tower Defense video games and mow down hordes of enemies. But typically you have to use your wits to outsmart your enemies, because the battlefield is full of traps and surprises. Each hero also has a special energetic and passive capacity. These abilities can turn around a nearly lost battle. It's up to you ways effectively you ought to use them.


Each hero has their very own favourite weapon that may be upgraded. But that is not all. Each hero can unlock a unique and extra powerful weapon and improve it further.

Many values can be researched and upgraded for weapons. For example, dispersion, damage dealt, efficiency curve and rather more.


You will battle intensely in plenty of places around the globe. However, you presumably can choose whether you may have the time and inclination to complete easy, normal or hard missions. Depending on the issue, you might be rewarded with medals for successful the mission, which is able to assure an increase in your group's status. The procedural era of missions in turn ensures an infinite number of battlefields.


The group's secret base contains every little thing wanted to wage a secret battle in opposition to paranormal terror. It is necessary to maintain the battle secret to avoid world panic and a a lot sooner destruction of the world. At the base you presumably can assemble your group, examine unknown entities, plan missions and far more. But most importantly, you possibly can track your progress through the sport and verify the status you've got earned. This is as a end result of status will unlock plenty of additional content and bonuses within the sport.


In the missions await you numerous enemies. Zombies, space invaders, mutated creatures in addition to preventing machines and robots - these all threaten our world. But be careful! Epic bosses are ready for the opportunity to thwart your plans. Nerve-jangling boss fights await. Defeat them for rare assets and bonuses. Research them and use the results of your research to struggle them.


Disarmed enemies are transported to the base and subjected to research.

The aim of analysis is to struggle the enemy extra successfully and acquire bonuses and assets from defeated enemies. Research takes time, however can additionally be accelerated. You can acquire valuable information and an advantage on your next fight in no time.


Once hostile entities are correctly researched, their trophies could be sold off. This is one other supply of appreciable revenue for our organization. At the same time, exploring enemies unlocks achievements. But there are numerous extra achievements ready to be unlocked.

The menace of the apocalypse is now awakening! Join us whereas there's still time. News of extra places, enemies and heroes is leaking out! It's as much as you the way the world deals with the coming threat!

Avert the apocalypse, struggle back!

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