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BANCOBU Mobile Application

The BANCOBU Mobile Application is secure, efficient and available from your smartphone or tablet.

Features and Services offered:

The application offers two browsing spaces:

- A Public space: You can access it without authentication and benefit from a set of practical services (geolocation of an agency or an ATM Tickets (DAB), consultation of useful contacts, consultation of currency rates, exploring the BANCOBU website, etc.

- The secure space: You can activate (self-registration) your account to access it securely. secure and benefit from all the features related to the management of your bank accounts.

The application also offers you a multitude of features and banking companies, at your fingertips, allowing you to:

Consult your bank accounts and your eNoti accounts

Link your bank account BANCOBU and your eNoti wallet account

Make transfers between your own bank accounts and transfers to other local accounts opened in the same country

Make recoverable money transfers at BANCOBU eNoti brokers.

Geo locate BANCOBU agencies and ATMs

Offer the possibility of choosing the language of use (French, English, Kirundi and Swahili

Pay your purchases and bills

Initiate a recharge of units

In addition to being fast and efficient, the BANCOBU Mobile Application guarantees:

- Security: data encryption and compliance with the highest banking requirements

- Mobility: service available anytime and anywhere.

- Reliability: state-of-the-art banking solution.

- Simplicity: easy and user-friendly use of the features

To find out all about the Mobile BANCOBU application, contact n ou by way of the Call Center at 161, the Chat (website and Facebook Messenger BANCOBU, SM), the WhatsApp number 72000555 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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