By Barwaqt


Barwaqt is a high-quality financial app that can assist customers get loans. We use huge knowledge to judge customers' information.

Loan product info:

1. Online mortgage tenure: 91-180 days

2. Loan amount ranges from Rs.1000-Rs.25000

3. The highest Annual proportion price (APR): 24% per year

To calculate a 91days,PKR6000 mortgage, the fees are as follows:

Monthly rate of interest: 24%/12=2%

Monthly interest: PKR6000*2%=PKR120

Total month-to-month payment=PKR6000/3 PKR120=PKR2120

Total interest: PKR6000*(24%/360)*91 days=PKR364

Total repayment: PKR6000 PKR971=PKR6364

Our advantages:

-Relatively low interest

-Need CNIC

-Ensure your information and privacy security

-Multiple ways to get cash

Come and revel in high-quality monetary services in Barwaqt!

How to contact us?

Email: [email protected]