Business Formula - Accounting, Finance, Banking

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Business Formula - Accounting, Finance, BankingBusiness Formula - Accounting, Finance, BankingBusiness Formula - Accounting, Finance, Banking

Business Formula app primarily developed for BBA/Business students. It will help students taking preparation for the exam. Business method app incorporates formula given below:

Business Mathematics

Business Statistics

Accounting and Finance



Business Mathematics:

This section cover business arithmetic terms, math formulation, revenue and loss share, simple interest, and compound interest.

Business Statistics:

Formula included the measure of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, regression, index quantity, sampling, test of speculation, chi-square check, interpolation, and extrapolation.

Accounting and Finance:

This section covers primary accounting formulation, financial method, all kind terms, and abbreviation.


This section covers auditing vocabulary and key terms, auditing standards, and audit evidence, etc.


This category included tax terms and formula, gross sales tax, excise tax, property tax, and mill price, and so forth.

Accounting and Finance cover: Here is the complete record for accounting.

Topics included in this Accounting and Finance:

Balance Sheet

Double Entry Bookkeeping

Profit and Loss account

Reporting Period Conversion Period

Accounting Financial Formula

Formula of Operating cycle

Formula of Liquidity

Formula of Profitability

Formula of Activity

Formula of Financial leverage

Formula of Shareholder ratios

Formula of Return ratios

Accounting Financial Terms and Abbreviation

Financial Statements

Income Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Stockholders’ Equity

Financial Ratios

Accounting Principles

Bookkeeping, Debits, and Credits

Accounting Equation

Adjusting Entries

Bank Reconciliation

Petty Cash

Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts Expense

Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold


Accounts Payable

Cost Behavior and Break-even Point

Payroll Accounting

Standard Costing

Accounting Pronouncements


And much more!! Please set up the app for studying more concerning the BBA / business method.


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