Calorie Calculator PLUS - Macros food tracker

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Calorie Calculator PLUS - Macros food trackerCalorie Calculator PLUS - Macros food trackerCalorie Calculator PLUS - Macros food tracker

Calorie Calculator PLUS is a calorie counting app that helps you attain your objective weight. Set your targets, and observe your exercises and meals to shed weight or acquire muscle.


BMI -- bmi calculator

Barcode Scanner -- scan barcodes to log meals.

Water Tracking -- Log water in cups, ounces or ml. We save your lately logged amounts.

Macros meals tracker.

Recipe -- add the vitamin info for the recipes you cook dinner.

Nutrition Insights -- Learn the way to make more healthy decisions concerning the meals you eat.

Personalized Experience -- Create your own meals, recipes, and meals and save favorites.

Calorie Counter -- the app automatically calculates the energy in your meals, meals and recipes.

Macro Tracker -- the app calculates the macros (carbs, fats, protein) in your foods, meals and recipes.

Customize Your Diary -- Log breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

If you attempt the ketogenic diet (keto diet) or just wish to know how many calories do you have got to eat to shed weight - just strive my Calorie Counter PLUS

Depending on the chosen aim (to shed weight, save weight or gain weight) and your parameters, the built-in calorie calculator will calculate the dietary program with the day by day caloric intake and the ratio of FCP (Fats, Carbohydrates, Proteins).

The built-in database incorporates 1000's of foods, and you can add your individual foods and recipes.

Write within the comments how you can add the program or enhance it - and the new version will be very quickly.

If you might have further questions, or should you discover a bag, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail - [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration and wanting out ahead to your suggestions.

Here are the ten most weight-loss-friendly foods on earth which are supported by science.

1. Whole Eggs. (Once feared

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