???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course

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???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course???? Stock Exchange Course - Trading Course

For people passionate and interested in the subject of the Stock Market, we have created this basic and introductory course to the world of investments and the Stock Market.

With our Stock Market course , you will learn the basic knowledge that will allow you to invest in the United States Stock Market.

During this Stock Market course for beginners, you will acquire the tools that will allow you to build a portfolio of financial assets and you will be in a position to handle yourself with ease within the financial operations platform of ThinkorSwim (broker of the US Stock Exchange) from where you will carry out operations of purchase and sale of company shares, or, purchase or sale of Investment Funds that are listed on the Stock Market called ETFs such as funds in gold, silver and so on. Everything from the comfort of your home. In addition, you will be in a position to practice everything you have learned in digital form (with a demo platform), in order not to risk real money until you acquire sufficient confidence. You will also know how to technically analyze stocks in order to determine trends as well as how to identify supports, resistances and how to configure moving averages in order to make a better decision when investing. Finally, you will learn to analyze, monitor the results of your operations and configure price alarms.

Our Stock Market course is your best option, on boring manuals or books that use technical language difficult to understand .

In this stock market course you will learn the necessary knowledge to function as an investor in the stock market. The student is provided with all the necessary knowledge and concepts that allow him to make correct decisions and design intelligent investment strategies, always under a DEMO account so that said student learns, without risking his money.

What you will learn:

- You are going to learn how to buy shares on the US Stock Exchange

- You are going to be able to handle the platform with ease to carry out your operations.

- You are going to learn analysis Technician to define trends, supports and resistances.

- You will learn to use moving averages.

- You will learn three complete strategies to buy stocks.

- You will learn to define your exit targets.

- You will learn to configure your stop-loss.

- To set price alarms.

Install our Stock Market course application for beginners now and discover the investor in you.


This is not investment advice and you must understand that your capital may be at risk, so we recommend that you practice with your FREE account of a broker of your choice and operate without risking your money.

? General Risk Warning: These types of investments carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. Always use your demo account before trading current money.

Developer Design does not provide investment advice, we simply teach about trading and the stock market, so we are not responsible if you lose your money trying the stock market. We do not give investment advice, we are not associated with any broker and this app is a buying and selling course only, we do not request donations or simulate the behavior of the stock market. THIS IS A NETUALLY DIDACTIC APPLICATION

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