Finance Textbook

By Pustaka Dewi

Finance TextbookFinance TextbookFinance TextbookFinance TextbookFinance Textbook

Finance is the study of fund management and asset allocation over time. Funds consist of money and different property. There are many several types of finance, but all are essentially concerned with studying how best to allocate assets in numerous circumstances over time.

Figuring out what to do with assets is sometimes straightforward: all the variables are recognized, and there is clearly an possibility that is better than all of the others. However, more typically than not, this is not the case. Finance generally operates with a lot of uncertainty. As a outcome, corporations rent whole departments of people to assist them figure out which possibility is greatest.

Table Of Content :

1Introduction to the Field and Goals of Financial Management

2Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow

3Analyzing Financial Statements

4Forecasting Financial Statements

5The Time Value of Money

6Bond Valuation

7Stock Valuation

8Introduction to Risk and Return

9Security Market Efficiency and Returns

10Introduction to the Cost of Capital

11Capital Budgeting

12The Role of Risk in Capital Budgeting

13Capital Structure

14Obtaining Capital: Methods of Long-Term Financing


16Options and Corporate Finance

17Introduction to Working Capital

18Working Capital Management

19Overview of Short-Term Financing

20Mergers and Acquisitions

21Financial Management Outside of the U.S.

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