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The successful app from the lion's den with which you can cleverly manage your accounts and contracts! So that you have more time for what is important to you.

✅ All your online bank accounts securely in one app

✅ Full control over your income and expenditure

✅ Digital contract folder with all your subscriptions contracts

✅ Free contract alarm clock Cancellation function by fingertip

A strong partner

The financial guru is provided in cooperation with Deutsche Bank AG and is available to customers of all banks in Germany (e.g. Sparkasse, Volksbank, Postbank, DKB, ING, Commerzbank and many more).

All accounts in one app

You have several accounts with different ones Banks? With our finance app you can link all of your bank accounts. Simply and securely, log in with your bank's online banking information and you will get a complete picture of your finances. This is how online banking should be.

Control of your expenses

Keeping a budget book and keeping an eye on your salary and budget is too stressful for you? The overview page of our finance app shows you how much money is left of your salary and when your next salary will arrive. With our analysis tab, you can graphically display and evaluate your spending behavior over the last few months in detail. Saving money will be much easier for you with the digital budget book.

The future for your bank bookings

With our app you can see your current expenses in all your accounts, just like in your online banking account . Our finance app goes one step further and shows you which bookings are likely to come your way this month. In this way you can see how much salary you will probably have at the respective point in time and can better meet your monthly budget.

Automatic contract recognition

Our artificial intelligence automatically recognizes your contracts and insurances based on your bank postings and lists these for di

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