Macro Tracker IIFYM

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Macro Tracker IIFYMMacro Tracker IIFYMMacro Tracker IIFYM

Lose weight healthily with the free calorie counter and food diary from Lilbite.

Calorie Counter - Nutrition Healthy Diet plan does more than simply rely energy for you. It also supplies macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) with daily percentage breakdown that will help you achieve the proper balance in your food plan.

Our calorie counter and water tracker app that offers you entry to all of your nutrition knowledge, so you also can make healthier life-style choices.

Calorie Counter - Nutrition Healthy Diet plan features:

1. Calorie Counter

Simple calorie counter meals tracker

Free and easy-to-use calorie tracker

Food diary with calorie goals

Track dietary values and macronutrients

Smart, simple calorie counting

Food calorie calculator - Get personal every day caloric intake aim and at all times know the way a lot calories you eat.

Largest food database - Add healthy meals from the meals database to your meal plan. Make healthy choices and eat healthy food.

Barcode scanner - Scan food barcode to get food vitamins and calculate calories on your healthy meal plan.

Nutrition information - Get all dietary information of any healthy meals. Calculate macros, minerals, or vitamins in your healthy recipes. Enrich your nutritious diet plan with healthy selections like meals high in potassium or iron rich meals to prevent disease.

Diet plans - Choose food plan plans like keto diet, paleo food regimen, mediteranian food regimen or intermittent fasting and calorie counter will calculate vitamin plan for you based on macros calculation and important nutrients in food.

IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is the simplest and fastest way to calculate your daily calorie and vitamin, macros necessities. This is essentially the most precise app on the market supplying you with day by day calculation of calories, macros, carbohydrates, protein, fats and rather more by only providing the consumer with two statistics,their weight and top.

MyFitness calculator Includes:-

• TDEE Calculator = (Total Calories consumption calculator ) How many calories must you be consuming each day?

• Macros Nutrients Calculator - How many grams of Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat do you have got to be eating at each


• BMI Calculator

• BMR Calculator = Basal Metalbolic Rate

• One Rep Max Calculator

• Water Intake Calculator (Water your body) Water consumption calculator – calculates/suggests to you a aim to achieve each day

• Max Heart Calculator

• Tablet-optimized UI

• Metric and imperial techniques are supported

• Calculate all main nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs,

You’ll get a good idea of what quantity of energy and macros you ought to be eating per day based mostly in your current weight activity levels. Ideal for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle, keep wholesome, or simply eat proper.

We'll present you how many calories, macros, carbs, fats, fiber and protein you should be eating each day and the macronutrient ratio of your food regimen. Our food regimen calculator tells you exactly what nutrients to eat for lean muscle constructing, weight loss, upkeep etc to reach your health goals.

We will help you attain your targets quicker with our customized diet calculator!

Our app enables you to choose from a variety of diet / macros plans—we’ve got keto (Ketogenic diet) , paleo, the Low Fat, Low Carb, Mediterranean food regimen, and Hight Protein, Balanced Diet. It automatically calculates your macros.

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