Meowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TD

By XCrew Studio

Meowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TDMeowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TDMeowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TDMeowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TDMeowar - PvP Cat Merge Defense TD

A unusual illness outbreak has reworked pretty Cat villagers into zombie cats, and now they're threatening the Cat civilization! As many villages fall, many more zombies appeared. Cats love peace and simply need to be lovable. They have prepared nothing for this war! Seeing plenty of fellow Cats shedding their lives, a small group of Cats decided to seek assist from God. God listened, trained the Cats into strong soldiers, and bestowed them highly effective magic: Merge magic!

The well-trained Cat soldiers came again and started fighting to save the remaining Cat houses. However, those Cat Zombies are getting increasingly more crowded day-to-day. Winning this struggle will be a long journey.

Use Merge magic to help the Cat Soldiers struggle again the Cat Zombie!

Meowar is Cat Merge Battle Defense and FREE TO PLAY the game.

* How to play Meowar

This merge protection strategy battle cats sport has a very easy battle system. Drag to merge, summon, transfer and target enemy. You can merge on battlefield, on hand or from hand to battle. There are many Cat classes, Cat Merge kind that creates many strategy defense battle formation. Also, the random system helps the battle unpredictable and more enjoyable. PvP battle is easier, solely merge from hand and summon action. However, the PvP battle will be still fun and problem.

* Features:

- There are three primary forms of troopers: fighter, ranger, cleric, and three hybrids merged varieties: merge fighter ranger, merge fighter cleric, merge ranger cleric.

- Merge battle defense core gameplay creates enjoyable and strategy cat battle.

- Five ranges max for every merged type. You can merge the identical Cat or merge totally different Cat to seek out the most effective technique Cat team.

- Thirteen lessons: Swordsman, Archer, Healer, Axe, Swords-caster, Sorcerer, Knight, Shaman, Ninja, Monk, Mage, Assasin, Iron Fist and extra to come back.

- PvP mode: merge and struggle a PvP battle with different players. With Many PvP merge technique, PvP merge formations.

- Campaign, Endless, Challenge, Expedition modes and extra to come

* Features in plan:

- new merge class for the castle: Cannon, entice, stone thrower.

- Challenge: challenge merge battle from easy to grasp.

- More Cat enemies: Cat Skeleton, Cat Mummy, Alien,...

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