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By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Merck PTEMerck PTEMerck PTEMerck PTEMerck PTE

Immediately find any possible information about a component, calculate molar masses of any compounds you want, facilitate your overview with infographics, examine atomic radii, plenty, electronegativities, and much more!

After over one million downloads, now in a model new design, with extra features and improved options.

The Merck PTE App is the ultimate device for each pal of chemistry - whether or not pupil or teacher, pupil or professor, newbie or professional, hobbyist or technician. Our app is a must have of digital periodic tables. Get knowledgeable with our cell reference work, any time, with ease, offline and in detail.

Thanks to the numerous hours of work, experiences, reviews and person feedbacks on our first PTE App (with over a million downloads!) we at the second are in a position to provide the brand new, improved and more appealing version of the Merck PTE App.

Even more options. Even more enhancements. Even extra user friendliness.

Download now free of cost and begin experimenting.


★ All essential details about the weather 
Atomic number, valence electrons, oxidation state, electronegativity in accordance with Allred-Rochow and Pauling, atomic mass, boiling level, melting level, atomic radius, density, historical past, discoverer, classification, crystalline structure type, electron configuration, fundamental state, ionization power, isotopic composition, state of matter, hardness according to Mohs, oxidation numbers, proportion of mass in Earth's crust, yr of discovery, half-life, and far more.

★ Visualized component properties 
Atomic radius, atomic radius graphic, electronegativity (according to Allred-Rochow and Pauling), ionization vitality, relative atomic mass, state of matter, ranking record of properties, discovery, classifications.

★ Molar mass calculator 
Simple entry subject for chemical formulas. Calculate molar mass merely and quickly

★ Offline use
. No Internet wanted. All contents in the app.

★ Economical dealing with of access rights.

★ Variety of languages 
German, English, French, Spanish.

★ Interactive working system
Smart working elements and quite a few selection options

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