Monetaz l budget book

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Monetaz l budget bookMonetaz l budget bookMonetaz l budget bookMonetaz l budget bookMonetaz l budget book

The communities of Talerbox Geldschurrbart join forces: The result is the Monetaz app: The smart way to keep track of your finances and build up your wealth.

✅ Budget book: Full control over your income and expenditure

✅ Asset overview: Your assets at a glance!

✅ Know insights of other users with similar situations

✅ Community: Talk about money together and get good deals

Control over your expenses

A budget book that motivates you to save. Our expenditure overview helps you to get an overview of your income and expenditure as well as to uncover potential savings. A visual savings goal motivates you to achieve your goals.

Visual savings goal: Encourage yourself to achieve your goals and have fun building up your wealth!

Recurring expenses: One-time payment in a few minutes recurring sales / expenses.

Daily budgets: The budget helps you save more effectively and keep an eye on your costs

All accounts and investments in one app

An overview of assets that shows the essentials. See what you really own across all your accounts, depots, wallets and so on. We provide you with easy-to-use tools with which you can manually and with little effort have everything in view and identify potential for optimization.

Everything in one place: All asset positions at a glance

Quick entry: update all account balances with just a few taps

Distribution: Keep an eye on your wealth distribution and ensure your optimal risk strategy

A community that supports each other

In the Community tab, you can get tips from the financial community and the latest best practices from other users. Monetaz is from the community, for the community. You can also benefit from the community's experience or share your own with us. You determine how Monetaz develops.

Your data is safe

We work according to German data protection standards. You are never identifiable as a person for us. All data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection.


Monetaz Plus - The easiest way to get the most out of your money (paid Premium offer)

Save monthly with suitable budgets and smart notifications or analyze your expenses over extended periods of time and optimize your spending behavior.

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