NPAS Wallet NPAS Wallet

By NPAS Ltd.

NPAS Wallet NPAS WalletNPAS Wallet NPAS WalletNPAS Wallet NPAS Wallet

The NPAS Wallet, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that stores and trades assets more safely.

The complexity of digital assets has been reduced and ease of use has been improved. The optimized security system supports digital financial activities such as deposit and transfer of various cryptocurrencies. Now, experience convenient and safe digital asset trading.

▣ Newly designed cryptocurrency wallet ▣

ㆍMobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to check deposits and withdrawals and market prices 365 days a year.

· Easy asset management through real-time visualization of the balance and price at once.

▣ Easier cryptocurrency management ▣

ㆍ Difficult transfer No more, cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals made only by scanning QR codes.

ㆍCheck all transactions and asset status with real-time notification function.

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