Our Budget Book

By Mavi Software

Our Budget BookOur Budget BookOur Budget BookOur Budget BookOur Budget Book

Easy income and spending management for your loved ones with Our Budget Book: Keep an eye fixed in your cash in self-created categories. Create monthly bookings. Use the report page to see a graphical overview of your funds. Synchronize several installations of the app on completely different units by way of Google Drive.

All features:

Plan your personal funds and keep track of your spending

Free categories for earnings and expenses

Material design for Android 2.3 and higher

Synchronization across a number of devices with Google Drive

Various color themes

Report web page with a quantity of diagrams

Optional Pin protection

Optimized to be used on tablets

How to use Google Drive Sync:

When you hit the synchronize button the first time, the app creates the file BBSync.bin in your Google Drive. The file will be used for additional synchronizations. You can move the file to another folder on your Google Drive and share the file with your family members so they can edit it and use it for synchronization too.

The permissions are needed for the adverts and the synchronization.

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