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Rat Race - Money Game | Financial FreedomRat Race - Money Game | Financial FreedomRat Race - Money Game | Financial FreedomRat Race - Money Game | Financial Freedom

Consider you are a median adult from a center class household with no thought on finance administration and you got a good job .

What will be the things you do with your salary?

Let me guess....Buy a new Car, I-phone-X, spend it on an everyday basis ...etc


Get married, have children, ....

finally your loans and expenses increases ... while your SALARY REMAINS THE SAME !

So now your routine will be like Go-to-work==Get-Salary==Pay-off-loans==Salary==loan==salary==loans..........and so on

You shall be stuck within the salary-loan mess known as the RAT RACE !

RAT RACE is the by no means ending round routine of the cash sport which you cant end simply.

Cashflow administration is very needed. Even although you might have a substantial money move, sudden occasions will push you into debts.

You need a great financial and accounting skills to flee out of the RAT RACE.


This game permits you to simulate a RAT RACE where you should have loans to pay, bank to deposit and gain interests and far more investing options.

You can TRADE gold whose price changes on a regular basis.

You can buy actual estates which gives you income.

You can Deposit on banks to achieve interests

Increase your cashflow by lowering liabilities and rising belongings .... and finally earn so much so that you just can afford your dream !

The cash game varies for various professions, for doctors it will be a different money game the place you want to spend more on schooling and you're going to get the next wage. You can select the given career or create your personal customized occupation.

Rat race is a financial game which provides financial schooling to adults,

and additionally people of all age groups.

Thus it gives a real life simulation of the difficulties faced by numerous professions and gives concepts on the means to overcome them.

This sport features probably the most highly effective quotes from Robert Kiyosaki 's e-book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Learn Money !

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