RpnCalc - Rpn Calculator

By Edward Falk

RpnCalc - Rpn CalculatorRpnCalc - Rpn CalculatorRpnCalc - Rpn CalculatorRpnCalc - Rpn Calculator

RpnCalc is the most effective RPN calculator on the Android Market.

It has an interface that customers of the HP calculator line will be utterly at residence with, together with these features:

Scientific mode

Basic (large key) mode

20 Memories

Key click (haptic feedback)

Continouous memory

16-level stack (configurable)

Front four stack parts displayed

RpnCalc has a sixteen-level stack to carry more data. The entrance 4 components on the stack are visible at all times, making it a lot simpler to keep track of where you are in your calculations.

Calculator tape data your calculations and could be shared by way of e-mail, bluetooth, etc.

See http://www.efalk.org/RpnCalc/ for manual

Oh, and this is the privacy coverage: RpnCalc never collects any private knowledge of any sort. It never connects to the internet. It would not even run ads.

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