TEO - the new multibanking


TEO - the new multibankingTEO - the new multibankingTEO - the new multibankingTEO - the new multibankingTEO - the new multibanking

Use all multibanking functions with the free and secure finance app and benefit from contract managers, insurance managers and attractive TEO Plus offers.

TEO finance app - free and secure online banking including multibanking, contract manager and attractive TEO Plus offers.

• Secure and free multibanking for almost all banks in Germany

• All common online banking functions such as sales overview, transfers, standing orders

• Integration of MeinInvest, VermögenPlus and UnionDepotOnline custody accounts

• Cooperation with some Sparda banks for expanded online banking

• Contract manager including insurance manager and termination alarm

• Financial weather, virtual savings boxes, discounted and attractive partner offers

• Excellent security and data protection standards


• TEO offers familiar Online banking function s in one place

• Multibanking financial overview of all accounts

• Transfers with the usual approval procedure

• Photo and QR code transfers

• Financial overview of integrated custody accounts


The home page contains a totaled total balance of all integrated accounts selected by the user. Below you can find the individual balances of the account types involved (current, investment, credit accounts and credit cards).


The Sparda-Banken Augsburg, Baden -Wuerttemberg, Munich and Nuremberg cooperate with TEO. In this way, they can provide their customers with additional online banking functions and information such as contact center, direct debit return, postbox, appointments, push messages for account movements.


The contract manager automatically recognizes ongoing contracts and lists them clearly. Further contracts and notice periods as well as a notice alarm clock can be added manually. The insurance manager helps to keep an overview of the insurance policies that have been taken out and their monthly costs. These can be optimized with useful insurance offers and tips.


With the TEO Finanzwetter you always have an overview of future sales trends about how much money is still available until the end of the month stands. Regularly recurring income and expenses as well as created savings boxes are taken into account. So you can always see whether the sun is still shining financially.


The TEO saving boxes make saving for new wishes easier and easier than ever. The number of savings boxes is unlimited and they can be named individually. In this way, savings are made in a targeted and automatic manner at the next request. And best of all: The money stays in the account all the time - because with TEO it is only put aside virtually.


With TEO Plus you can optimize finances and everyday expenses to reduce. In the category “partner offers” you will find suitable savings and value-added offers. In addition to a large selection of partner offers, (value) vouchers can also be bought at a discount. The “Financial Products” category offers selected financial and insurance offers for different needs and life situations. In addition, editorial and informative articles invite you to read and discover.


At TEO, the highest value is placed on the protection and security of data. TEO does not save any sensitive payment information on the end device - it is reloaded in encrypted form with every login. TEO is protected by security measures such as firewalls, SSL protection and authentication procedures.

TEO can be used from the age of 7. Users under the age of sixteen require the consent of a legal guardian to create a TEO account.

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