TermBot - SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP card


TermBot - SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP cardTermBot - SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP cardTermBot - SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP cardTermBot - SSH with YubiKey, Nitrokey, OpenPGP card

TermBot is an SSH consumer that supports authentication with YubiKeys, Nitrokeys and other OpenPGP playing cards over NFC and USB.

For this it uses the Hardware Security SDK out there at https://hwsecurity.dev

Supported hardware:


- Cotech Card

- Fidesmo Card

- YubiKey NEO

- YubiKey 5 NFC


- Nitrokey Start, Pro, Storage (with adapter)

- YubiKey 4, 4 Nano, 5, 5 Nano (with adapter)

- YubiKey 4C, 4C Nano, 5C, 5C Nano (directly over USB-C)

- Gnuk (with adapter)

- Secalot (with adapter)

TermBot is based on ConnectBot.

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