By Timegrip


The Timegrip app puts workforce management in your hand. The app offers all employees a better work life balance and managers a straightforward workday.

Employee benefits:

· Improve communication along with your work managers, and get access to all your work schedule information

· View your scheduled shifts in ore or across departments

· Send request for work and talk your availability

· Send request to swap a shift with a colleague

· Send requests for trip and or absence to your managers

· Check in and out, with or without location verification

· View the work schedule on your workplace(s)

· See all your approved work hours

· Send and obtain messages out of your colleagues

· See bulletins printed by your manager(s)

· Apply for vacant shifts when published by manager(s)

· TGPool! Subscribe to different departments for vacant shift notifications

Manager advantages:

· Approve shift swaps within the app

· Approve trip and absence request within the app

· Publish vacant shifts straight from the app to a pool of subscribers

· See who’s checked out and in in real time

· Send messages and bulletins to your employees

· Correct and approve timesheets in the app

· Correct and approve absence within the app

Timegrip is just meant for Timegrip Workforce Management clients and might solely be used along with a licensed Timegrip service. If you are an employee of a Timegrip customer, please check with your manager before downloading the app to get your log in knowledge.

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