Vauld - Interest Earning Crypto Wallets

By Vauld

Vauld - Interest Earning Crypto WalletsVauld - Interest Earning Crypto WalletsVauld - Interest Earning Crypto WalletsVauld - Interest Earning Crypto Wallets

We have got down to present a seamless expertise for your cryptocurrencies.


1. Weekly Payouts : Interest is calculated every day, and paid out weekly on all of your tokens

2. Withdraw Anytime : Withdraw any quantity at any time whilst you earn interest

3. Fixed Term Deposits : Opt-in to fixed deposits to earn larger interest rates. Opt-out with zero penalties.

4. Compounded : Interest earned is compounded each week or at the finish of the fixed deposit time period

5. No Fees : We don't cost any withdrawal or deposit charges


Instantly swap between all our supported token pairs to handle your crypto portfolio effectively.


Borrow up to an LTV of sixty six.sixty seven%. You can pay back anytime, with solely the interest amassed during that period. No additional expenses , no hidden charges.

We assist BTC | ETH | USDT | BUSD | PAX | TUSD | XRP | XLM | DAI and other major tokens. We are additionally available on desktop and mobile net (

If you've questions concerning the platform, we're pleased to answer them. You can reach out to us on Telegram ( or Email ([email protected]).

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