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Volv is a information journal app for the model new generation. No bias. No litter. Read an article in 9 seconds. All our articles explain complex issues in simple language.

We reimagined the news. A place that tells you exactly what you have to know and why it’s necessary. A place where nobody is pushing their agenda.

We’re right here to awaken the potential of a well-informed world - so we simply

report the information and you make your own choices.

1. Bias: Fake news has by no means been extra sensationalized than in recent instances. Different media entities are continuously calling consideration to completely different stories and echoing contradicting realities. This impacts our perception of the truth and leaves the nation polarized. To tackle this, we minimize the bias and current the information briefly 70-word articles so that folks can simply stay updated and draw their own informed conclusions. Each article can be learn in a minimum of 9 seconds.

For instance:

- Left wing: The fifty eight most bananas strains from Trump’s Fox Friends interview

- Right wing: Trump on Fox Friends: House Dems seemed like fools this week

- Volv (Center): Trump calls into Fox Friends to speak about Impeachment and Ukraine

In this political local weather, it’s completely essential that we eat news which is honest and accurate. With the ability of AI, we current you with just the information, no opinions.

2. Curation: We get you. You don’t have time. With the fixed inundation of trending news and content every day, it will get tough to keep up with an important tales. There’s both information overload or we've a concern of missing out. So instead of having to choose, we let you know what’s necessary and why it’s necessary briefly 70 word articles, which could be learn in 9 seconds every.

From political news to latest tech updates to trend stories, we’ve got you covered. We curate articles from prime publications including Forbes, USA Today, Bloomberg, Tech Crunch, Discover Magazine, Vogue, and so on.

Our editors filter crucial information from over 50 publications so you probably can sharpen your dialog abilities and basic data with our brief information articles. Become the best version of yourself.

3. 9 second articles #TLDR: Spoiled by comfort and with the eye span of lower than 8 seconds, we millennials are known to learn just 3-5 traces of an article to get a short understanding earlier than we move on. To handle this, we reduce the litter and rewrite the principle gist of the article in maximum 70 phrases, so that you each article could be learn in 9 seconds. If a story interests you, you still have the option to read the supply article by simply clicking on “read more” beneath the Volv article. Read much less, know more.

4. Instagram meets Tinder-like UI: Our distinctive “flashcard” format fits a 70-word story into one display allowing customers to learn the story in 9 seconds and scroll through no less than 5 stories in under a minute. You can retain more data with this unique format and perceive quickly with straightforward, clear language.

Stay informed and evolve your self in the least period of time.

Evolve with us.

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