Zinli: Send and Receive Dollars (Beta)

By MFTech S.A.

Zinli: Send and Receive Dollars (Beta)Zinli: Send and Receive Dollars (Beta)Zinli: Send and Receive Dollars (Beta)Zinli: Send and Receive Dollars (Beta)

Now you can send and receive money instantly, easily, safely and without losing the value of money. With Zinli, forget about remittance agencies, exchange rates, high costs and hidden fees .

Zinli is a digital wallet in dollars that allows you to transfer money abroad, send or request money from friends and family for free.

☝ For now, to create an account you need to be over 18 years old and have your passport at hand. If you don't have one, we are working to accept more local IDs!

You can make purchases in electronic stores with your Virtual Card and soon you will be able to request a Zinli Visa Prepaid Card to buy wherever you want with the steadiness of your wallet without the need for a bank account .


• Send money to a family member or friend instantly

• Send money to a relative abroad

• Request payments from family and friends

• Obtain a digital card to make purchases in electronic stores

• Receive money from abroad for free and instantly

• Make payments between people quickly and safely

• Make or receive payments with QR code

• Soon you will be able to spend money around the world with your international Zinli Visa Prepaid Card


1. Download the Zinli app

2. Register using your email and personal identity document or passport *

3. Top up your wallet with your international debit / credit card or by asking a friend to send you money through Zinli.

4. Send money by choosing a person with only their cell phone number or email address.

4. Confirm the amount and press send. If the recipient is registered, they will receive the money instantly, if they are not, you can send them an invitation to register.


Digital wallet in dollars

Zinli is a virtual wallet in dollars, for that reason, your money does not lose its value over time.

? Send and receive money instantly

Send money from your phone instantly, easily and safely. With Zinli you can send money simply if you know the recipient's cell phone number or email.

Transfer of dollars without intermediaries

No need for a bank account, no exchange fees and no hidden fees. Make all your transactions without third party intervention.

Mobile payment and virtual card

With our digital card, in addition to receiving recharges, you can make purchases of products or services online safely.

? Safe handling of your money

By using our electronic wallet you will have greater security in your transactions. If you lose or misplace your virtual card data, you can block or unblock it from the application.

Request for money between people

With Zinli you can request and receive payments instantly no matter where you are.

Top up with debit and credit card

Zinli allows you to top up directly from your international credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard)

Make payments with QR Code

With Zinli you can generate a QR code to receive and make payments without papers or paperwork.

Download Zinli , register free of charge in just a few minutes and join the community of people who are already enjoying a better experience when sending and requesting money in dollars from friends and family.

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