Migros Bank TWINT

By Migros Bank AG

Migros Bank TWINTMigros Bank TWINTMigros Bank TWINT

Forego cash and cards: With TWINT you can pay easily by mobile phone - free, safe and hygienic. Download the Migros Bank TWINT app and link your Migros Bank account directly to TWINT. With TWINT you benefit from various options:

- Paying: With TWINT you can pay conveniently at Migros tills and other shops, in online and app shops, at food and ticket machines or at parking meters.

- Send or request money: With TWINT you can send or request money - simply from smartphone to smartphone.

- Additional functions: Store your customer cards with TWINT, buy them and give them away Vouchers or donate to non-profit organizations

(with donation confirmation if you wish).

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